NEDxStudents at the UofM

Friday, October 6, 2017
By Andrew Kix Patterson

The Ned R. McWherter Library and the Helen Hardin Honors College at the University of Memphis have partnered on a new event for student research called NEDxStudents.

This event creates a unique opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students from the university to present in-progress or completed research from any study area.

Students will have 15 minutes to present their research to a panel of judges and students who are interested in research.  Presentations are encouraged to be unique and entertaining for all.

Rebecca Blanton, president of Honors Student Council, shared the importance of an event like this on campus. “This event will give students the opportunity to practice presenting their research. This sort of practice can be very helpful for those students aspiring to present at larger scale conferences such as National Conference of Undergraduate Research,” said Blanton.


Students joined the Helen Hardin Honors College for a scavenger hunt that centered around research in preparation for the upcoming NedxStudents event. The team with the best time received a cash prize. Photo by Ms. Angela Robinson.


Research presentation events like NEDxStudents benefit both student and the university. “It is no secret that much of college funding is based on a school’s ability to produce quality academic research,” Blanton shared.  “Holding events that incentivize research participation in undergraduate students encourages them to continue contributing to the college’s research pool.”

For students in STEM fields, a research event like NEDxStudents can be an amazing resume builder. Today’s employers are looking for students that are physically involved in their major.

A recent study by Association of American Colleges & Universities found that “employers strongly endorse educational practices that involve students in active, effortful work—practices that involve such things as collaborative problem solving, research, senior projects, community engagement, and internships.”

Students interested in participating in the event must sign up by October 13 at 5 p.m., and they can apply online here. For questions or more details, students can email or visit the event page on Facebook

The event takes place on two days Wednesday, November 8th and Thursday, Nov. 9th from 3 p.m.- 5 p.m.  Both sessions will be held at the Ned R. McWherter Library in room 225.

Winners will be selected each day for best presentation and research, and they will receive a $250 scholarship provided by the Helen Hardin Honors College. All UofM students are encouraged to attend any session for free.

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